Supplied as hulls - Superstructures to finished boats.  Aquastar Hulls are used for various purposes, above is just one example. The boat shown is based on the Aquastar Nelson 42' hull.  Pilot boat operators have found the Aquastar hull saves approximately £25,000.00 on annual fuel costs compared to our near competitor hulls.  A very good saving year on year.


Workboat layouts can be entirely as customers specify for their operations


Specifications to suit customer requirements

Aquastar Pilot Boat News


The Maltese pilots have been operating a Aquastar 33' pilot boat for 22 years and a Aquastar 38'pilot boat for 17 years, both Aquastar craft still in good service.  A couple of years ago the Maltese pilots added a “Interceptor” craft to their fleet.  After 2 years evaluation the Interceptor “pilot boat” was found to use an extra £25,000.00 worth of fuel per annum to run, compared to the Aquastar.

Not surprisingly the Maltese pilots have ordered another new Aquastar pilot boat for delivery in 2014.  Testimony to the Aquastar design being extra fuel efficient, sound construction and great seaworthiness